About us

Koch’s, as you know it today, started as a hatchery in the 1930s selling baby chickens (peeps). The family-owned business grew into the 1950s when things took an unfortunate turn. Good Friday, 1956, was a tragic day as our founder Roscoe Koch passed in an accident while doing maintenance on the elevator in the hatchery. The assets were then divided among his sons and each started their own businesses. Our story continues when Roscoe’s son Richard started a feed store.
In 1958, Koch Feed and Farm was built. The store started to gain momentum selling companion animal feed to farmers, in addition to farming land ourselves. As the business grew, we began to expand our services to farmers including fertilizer, machine hire, and commercial application of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. When Richard passed the business to David, he decided to rename it Koch Farm Service. The business still continues to grow as we seek to meet the needs of an ever-diversifying market in feed, farming, garden, and home. Every spring baby chicks are still ordered and sold, remembering our roots as we continue to grow.
Koch Farm Service Mission:

To provide exceptional service to our customer’s individual needs in a way that brings honor to Jesus Christ and provides the capability to enable us to invest in our business, our customers, and our community.

Our Vision:

Deliver quality products, information, and service to every customer as we seek to meet their daily needs and the needs of their animals at an affordable price.